Medical Assistant Certification

Medical Assistant Certification

There are some major organizations in the US that provides medical assistant certification. But before you could become a certified medical assistant, these organizations would of course require you to possess the proper education and training for this course from the different training schools and centers that are recognized by them.

The most common way in acquiring medical assistant certification is through CMA (AAMA) Certification Examination that is being provided by the AAMA certifying board with the consent of the National Board of Medical Examiners. This could be done through the many different computer-based testing centers all year round.  Getting certification through this gives medical assistants the privilege to use CMA capitalized after their name.

Using “cma” in small letters doesn’t necessarily means that the certification is less recognized, it just so happen that AAMA has been designated for CMA. Other medical assistant certifying bodies has been recognized as well for being skillful and respected in this field. RMA or Registered Medical Assistant is as highly commended as CMA and this could be obtained by taking the examination provided by the American Medical Technologists agency. Likewise, getting an RMA should also require an individual to pass a course in medical assisting from an ABHES or CAAHEP accredited centers or they should’ve obtained 5 years in experience.

The (NHA) or National Healthcareer Association is another certifying organization for medical assisting, but what makes them different from the rest is that they divided medical assisting in to two types. They defined the term medical assisting as either clinical or administrative. One certification is for CCMA or Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and the CMAA which stands for Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.

There is also a third party organization that provides medical assisting certification called the National Center for Competency Testing. If the certification has been acquired through them, an awarded individual for the certificate can use the NCMA designation or National Certified Medical Assistant.

Since having medical assistant certification is somewhat voluntary, it would still be best to earn one because numerous employers would prefer a certified one rather than not. Medical assistant certification will give you an edge from your competitors and will open a brighter opportunity in medical assisting.

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