Choosing The Right Phlebotomist Certification Agency For You

You can get certified for phlebotomy through one of ten different organizations which accredit different phlebotomy training programs. Choosing a certifying body that is approved by the CLSI is very important. If your course does not meet their standards, you your certification may not hold enough weight from an employers eyes.

When determining on a desirable phlebotomy certificaion course , look for an organization that is accredited or approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), uses materials and examinations that reflect CLSI standards, and qualifies graduates for an examination through an external certification agency.

As of 2010, ten different phlebotomy certification organizations exist. Some of these agencies include the American Certification Agency, the American Medical Technologists, and the National Center for Competency Testing, the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the National Phlebotomy Association. Depending on the agency that you choose, there will be different requirements.

ACA for example, offers a couple of phlebotomist certification programs; phlebotomist Techs, and phlebotomist instructors. The examination can only be written by those who qualify. That means that one must have completed no less than 100 hours of in-class training, performed 10 successful dermal punctures, and 100 successful venipunctures. Obtaining your phlebotomy certification isn’t as easy as writing an exam online. You must also pass a practical test where actual job duties mut be performed on patients. Phlebotomy instructor applicants must be phlebotomy certified or a registered RN or LPN. An examination is not necessary; instead, those applying must have a year of teaching experience under their belt and have had their phlebotomy certification for three years.

AMT also offers a program to get your phlebotomy certification. Those applying must have successfully passed a phlebotomist training program that meets standards set out by the USDE, as well as 120 hours of teaching & clicnical work. Alternatively, 1040 hours of work in the phlebotomy field over the last 3 years will suffice. One must also meet the following creteria; have performed at least 25 skin punctures, and 50 venipunctures. AMT offers a number different gudes and study manuals that can be downloaded online by applicants.

You can also obtain your phlebotomy certificaion and donor certification through The National Center for Competency Testing. Both certification types expect the applier to hold a high school diploma or equivalent. In order to apply for this certification program, you must have either worked in the phlebotomy field for a year, or have taken a training course from an accredited phlebotomy training program. The NCCT also requires a phlebotomy performance form. Due to state laws, California and Louisiana require additional forms. The requiremends of donor phlebotomist certificaions are slightly different than traditional phlebotomist certification. In order to qualify for this exam, you must posess 6 months donor experience and eighty successful donor collections. In order to apply for an NCCT phlebotomy certification, you can either submit their form online, or print if off and mail it in.

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