Medical Assistant Phlebotomist

In today’s world, there are many medical careers such as phlebotomy training that are available to people without the extensive funding needed to go to medical school. These positions in the medical field are just as important as the doctors and nurses, since they help a hospital to provide care to patients in need of assistance. If you are looking into getting your phlebotomy certification, you are already prepared to take an important step towards helping others in a hospital environment. There are many training options available for people that are interested in becoming a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist.

What is a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist?

As a career title, a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist is also known as a “Phlebotomist Technician” or a “Phlebotomist Assistant”. Technically speaking, a phlebotomist is a person responsible for drawing and collecting blood from patients. This position was designated in order to reduce the overwhelming list of duties assigned to doctors and nurses in a hospital environment. Since the duties of a phlebotomist can sometimes also be quite time-consuming, assisting a phlebotomist has become the job of a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist. The medical assistant Phlebotomist is responsible for a number of duties, which make the job of a Phlebotomist much easier.

Duties of a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist

Like a Phlebotomist, a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist is trained to draw blood from patients. They are also required to be familiar with the proper procedures required in order to ensure that the blood drawing equipment and environment is completely sterile. In most cases, a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist will also help with drawing blood, and ensuring that each blood sample is documented. If the samples are to be sent to the lab for testing, a medical assistant Phlebotomist will often take care of that as well.

Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Training

There are many reputable training programs that can be used to train you to become a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist. Depending on your schedule, you may choose to either do a physical training class with hands-on training, or an online training course. No matter what type of training course you use, be sure that it has been certified by the national medical association. If you are hoping to become a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist at a specific hospital, it’s best if you contact the hospital for their requirements for Phlebotomist Technicians. They may suggest a specific training program for you, or may even provide you with training right at the hospital.

Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist

When you make the choice to become a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist, you are engaging in a career that may help to save the lives of thousands of people. A Medical Assistant Phlebotomist is sometimes a part of mobile blood drives, which travel around to collect blood from willing donors. This donated blood is then used for patients in need of a blood transfusion or other procedure. As a Medical Assistant Phlebotomist, you will also be helping the Phlebotomist to assist a larger number of patients each day.  This allows the hospital that you work at to be more efficient, and to provide much-needed medical care.